Why Ellis Bella


Beauty problems that are originated from mineral deficiencies may lead to more serious health issues if left untreated. A clear complexion, fine textured skin, sparkling eyes and luxuriant hair projects a healthy state in the body. A dull, sallow complexion can indicate an unhealthy state in the body. Irregular elimination, lack of fresh air, heavy metals, antibiotics, improper diet and inadequate/quality water intake all play a major role in how we look. 

At Ellis Bella, we have centered on the basics of beauty: A positive mindset which helps activate the nutrition that is the glue that holds beauty together. It is the safest and truest form of aesthetic improvement. We are committed to helping people to identify and minimize the toxins in their bodies so that their true beauty can continue to shine through. The beautiful thing about obtaining true outward beauty is that it reflects what’s going on inside that will lead to better health and longer life.